Facility Rental & Storage

Building E

Warren County Fairgrounds Building E

Building E is the most versatile and exciting venue on the Grounds!  Whether you are planning a concert, an auction, a festival or a livestock show or sale, Building E provides the location to welcome guests, the space to showcase your event and a setting with easy access. The surrounding apron area provides space for vendors and concessionaires to set up booths and distribute goods for your guests. 

  • Building E is an open-air pavilion with concrete flooring.  
  • It is 132' x 210', providing 27,720 square foot of floor space. There is bleacher seating on the north end. The venue can accommodate seating for more than 3,000 guests. 
  • The paved apron area surrounding the building is 30'-42' in depth and easily accommodates booths and trailer access. 
  • Restrooms and showers are in the adjacent building and the campground is within 50 yards of each. 
  • For livestock events, pens and gates are available as well as cattle tie-outs.
  • During the Warren County Fair, Building E houses all the Jr. Fair and open class cattle and large livestock show arena.

 For more information and to arrange for rental of Building E, please contact us.